Patient information- Oraal Spray

Product Information - Oraal Spray

Introducing Oraal Spray – Sanjeevani Muskurahat Ki. When sprayed on ulcers, Oraal forms a stable and hypertonic film over the injured surface. This unique film’s nature attracts liquid from within the ulcer, providing mechanical cleaning and anti-inflammatory relief. The result? Reduced pain and inflammation, allowing to bring back the smile.

How to Use Oraal Spray

Oraal Spray is a breakthrough oral spray formulated with powerful natural ingredients designed to provide effective relief for oral ulcers and oral mucositis. Experience quick relief from pain and discomfort associated with oral ulcers and mucositis, thanks to our fast-absorbing formula. Unlike some conventional treatments, Oraal Spray is gentle on the delicate tissues of the mouth, providing relief without causing irritation.

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